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Advanced Raw Cuisine: Day 11

raw vegan thai salad

I’m officially into my third week of Advanced Raw Cuisine via Matthew Kenney Culinary Online. Today marks the start of… wait for it… PASTRY WEEK! We’ll be making cookies, breads, and crackers, and finishing the week with some chocolate making and a cheese plate with the nut cheeses that have been patiently fermenting in the refrigerator. I really loved putting the cheese plate together in the first level fundamentals class. The recipes we worked on today were fabulous. I have no doubt the rest of the week will be a lot of fun. 🙂

It’s time to get back to the cinnamon rolls… They were setting up in the freezer, and then I sliced them. I prefer my sweets in smaller portions, so I made these rolls smaller than usual. Not a whole lot of “swirl” going on, but I think they’re cute anyway. Cutting them down to this size also allowed me to use my sushi mat to roll them, which made the whole process really easy. After slicing, they went into the dehydrator for a few hours to warm up before plating and serving them later today.

raw vegan cinnamon rolls raw vegan cinnamon rolls

The next project was to learn a method for making raw bread loaves in the dehydrator! I had seen some of these before in old raw foods books, but they relied on sprouted glutenous grains, which I am unable to eat. This method does not! We used flours from some nuts and some sprouted gluten free grains for these. The seaweed, Irish moss, was used to hold the whole thing together and give it a bit of a bouncy texture. 

Since these breads will be going on our cheese plates at the end of the week, we were given free reign to add our own seasonings and make our own shapes. The rectangular loaf has some chopped olives in it. In the profile, you’ll see I shaped it like a cute miniature loaf of bread with the little “bubble” at the top. Those high school pottery classes are finally paying off! 😉

The second rounder loaf has a big of molasses and chicory root tea added in to give it a darker color and depth of flavor, as well as some caraway seed. My intent for that one was to be like a faux-rye bread with a biscotti-like profile after it is sliced. I am so excited to see how these turn out!

raw vegan bread loaf raw vegan bread loaf raw vegan bread loaf raw vegan bread loaf

All this pastry work sure does make a girl hungry. Thank goodness there was a salad recipe planned for today. This is a “Thai salad”. We learned more about combining unique ingredients and textures, and also about styling salads. This is a great lesson for me because I absolutely love salad, and I’m always looking for ways to make them a bit prettier. There is a little bit of the spicy sesame dressing peeking out from under the greens, and some more mixed into the mix of colorful vegetables and coconut on the top.

This was an amazingly delicious salad. It’s still pretty warm here in central Florida, so it was nice to have something that was light and refreshing, but still had a lot of flavor. I would definitely make this one again!

raw vegan thai salad raw vegan thai salad raw vegan thai salad

After the salad, it was time for dessert. It’s pastry week, right? Bring on the pastries! =D

Remember that chocolate chili sauce I made on day 10? It’s going on the cinnamon rolls! This was one exotic dessert and I really loved it! The rolls are topped with some chocolate and chopped walnuts (the rolls also have walnuts in them). The drink you see paired with them is a chili-cacao herbal tea with a cashew foam to make something that is kind of a cross between a tea latte and a cappuccino. I topped it with a few slivers of thai chili pepper. Chocolate and chili are one of my favorite flavor combinations! 

This wraps up day 11. Looking forward to more pastry adventures on day 12!

raw vegan spicy chocolate butter raw vegan cinnamon rolls raw vegan cinnamon rolls

Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine: Day 6

raw vegan pad thai

Day 6 of my raw food classes (“Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine” at Matthew Kenney Academy) started off with more knife skills exercises. Slowly, but surely, I am getting used to the proper way of gripping everything and moving a little faster with my cutting. We are focusing on accuracy this week, so I had to pull out the ruler to make sure my cuts were precise. My carrot strips always bend after I cut them!

knife skills exercises knife skills exercises knife skills exercises

We also started working with coconuts this week! This is something that I am already familiar with, but that doesn’t make it any easier! I do have a lot more confidence in cracking coconuts now than the first time that I did it. I have an old meat cleaver that has never actually been used on any meat… I use it only for breaking into my coconuts!

We already got the heads up for approximately how many coconuts we would be using in this course, so my wonderful husband bought me a whole case of them, and I spent all day Sunday hacking them open, draining the water, scooping the meat, cleaning the brown skin that lines the shells off the meat, etc.

I got everything put inside of freezer safe containers and bags so I’m all set and hopefully won’t have to crack anymore coconuts open for the rest of the class. I hope I have enough! Most of them looked pretty good and had thicker meat than average. My husband must have a hidden talent for picking out better coconuts than I do!

cracking open young thai coconuts

After the coconut cracking, we started working on a recipe for cilantro coconut wrappers that will be used for a dumpling recipe on Day 7. There will be a finished photo of it with the Day 7 material. Coconuts make great additions to wrappers made in the dehydrator because their fat content helps to keep them pliable. 

The next thing we got to do was make the smoothie recipe that we created at the end of week 1! I made my smoothie and felt that it needed a few adjustments, so after my second try, I was happy with the final result. I decided to call it the “Summer Chiller Smoothie” because of all the seasonal and cooling ingredients in it. Just click the link to go check out the recipe!

Summer Chiller Smoothie with cucumber juice, frozen pineapple, mint, and matcha! Summer Chiller Smoothie with cucumber juice, frozen pineapple, mint, and matcha! Summer Chiller Smoothie with cucumber juice, frozen pineapple, mint, and matcha!

We got to put together a really awesome dish of “Sesame Noodles” today as well. It called for almond butter, so I made my own! Almond butter is really easy to make. All you need is almonds and a food processor with a good motor in it because you will be running it for 15-20 minutes. Just put the almonds in and turn on the food processor. Stop every 2-3 minutes to scrape down the sides, and then turn it back on. First, it turns into crumbs, then it turns into a meal, then it turns into a paste, and then after it starts to warm up slightly and has been beaten by the blades for about 15 minutes, it will start to release more oils and become buttery. After that point, just blend it until it reaches the creaminess that you want. 

raw almond butter

The almond butter was used in a sauce that went into this “Sesame Noodles” dish. It seemed similar to other raw dishes I’ve had that were meant to mimic a “Pad Thai”. I even put my own variation of Pad Thai together a while ago, if you want to go check it out.

If you want the exact recipe for this dish, it’s kind of a cross between recipes from 2 of Matthew Kenney’s books: Sauce from the Spicy Sesame Noodles (page 99) in Everyday Raw Express: Recipes in 30 Minutes or Less and vegetable assortment from the Pad Thai (page 107) in Everyday Raw, served over yellow squash.

This one that we made for class was very delicious. I really liked the sauces and the variety of vegetables in the dish. We were supposed to practice some plating techniques with this dish as well. Stacking, I got. Saucing, I need to work on. My instructor says the folks at the school have been very impressed with my work thus far though. 🙂

raw vegan pad thai raw vegan pad thai raw vegan pad thai

Lastly, there was an optional exercise to soak some wheat so we can grow our own wheatgrass. Well, I accidentally grabbed my oat groats instead! I did realize what I had done the next day, and then put my actual wheat berries into the jar to soak. I noticed after I opened the jar to drain them and thought they smelled suspiciously oat-y. 😉

oat groats oat groats


Lastly, I was thrilled to see that the pickles I made for class were shared on Matthew Kenney’s Tumblr site! I got kudos for growing my own pickling cucumbers. =D

adrienne frankenfield pickles