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Fundamentals of Raw Food: Day 10

raw vegan seaweed salad

I just completed day 10 of my classes teaching the fundamentals of raw food!

Today was awesome for so many reasons. In addition to the tasty things I made and ate, I took my knife skills test and aced it, both the written portion and the actual cutting portion. It was a little tedious for me, but I really did learn a lot from making a daily practice of it. My cutting skills improved dramatically, and most importantly, my hands now automatically use the correct methods for holding my knife and cutting while protecting my fingers.

There is still room for improvement, but I’m very happy with my progress, thus far. I will miss making a daily juice from the vegetables I practiced chopping. 😉

knife skills test

My raw vegan banana bread also went into the dehydrator today! This is not a recipe that I have found in any of Matthew Kenney’s books, so I am not able to provide any sources for it. I was really pleased with the final product and would definitely make this again! I’ve been enjoying it as a wonderful healthy breakfast with a big cup of fresh juice in the mornings!

raw vegan banana bread raw vegan banana bread raw vegan banana bread

The second recipe I worked on for Day 10 was a seaweed salad. This recipe appeared to be an adaption of the “Seaweed Salad” that is on page 83 of Everyday Raw by Matthew Kenney. I was very happy with the way the flavors blended together in the final product. I made extra so I could take some into work for lunch.

raw vegan seaweed salad raw vegan seaweed salad

I also checked on my wheatgrass growing project this morning. It looks very good! It is supposed to be 6-7″ tall before harvesting, so it’s not quite there yet, but it’s getting closer. Probably just a couple days left. I’m really excited to be able to grow my own so cheaply now! It’s super easy too. 

growing wheatgrass growing wheatgrass

The last project of the day was to create one of my own recipes, following a specific list of criteria designed to challenge us, and utilizing the lessons that we have learned in the class so far. I made a Bloody Mary Gazpacho! 

I was really happy with the way this turned out. It is by far one of the most flavorful and beautifully plated dishes I have come up with on my own so far. It makes me realize just how much I have learned in the last month, and I’m really only half way through the course! My husband even said the flavor was good, and he’s not a huge fan of raw food. That’s how good it was. 😉

raw vegan bloody mary gazpacho raw vegan bloody mary gazpacho raw vegan bloody mary gazpacho

Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine: Day 9

raw vegan pizza

I just finished day 9 of “Fundamentals of Raw Cuisine”! I’m almost half way there. It’s a little surreal. 🙂 

The first thing I did today was to make oat flour from the oat groats that I soaked and then dehydrated back into a hard texture. I ran the groats through the food processor for a good while to break up the outer hulls on all of them and turn the groats into powder. After that, I sifted the material from the food processor with a mesh strainer to separate the powder from the bran. 

Then, on to my last knife skills exercise before the knife skills quiz tomorrow! It’s a definite improvement from my first time doing this, and I am cutting much faster now!

matthew kenney academy knife skills

 After completing the knife skills exercise, I flipped my pizza crust and put the pickles that I started last week into the fridge! We are told they will be used in a later recipe. I am excited to see what it will be!

Next was making banana bread. I was really excited when I saw this recipe. I have not had banana bread in years, and I’ve never had a raw banana bread! I had seen raw vegan bread recipes before, but all of them involved sprouting grains that contain gluten, which I cannot have. This one uses the oat flour, and as I made sure that my oats were certified gluten free, they’re completely safe for me to eat! 

After shaping the loaf, it goes into the freezer overnight to firm up so that it can be sliced and then laid out on the dehydrator sheets to “cook” as individual slices for better air flow. 

I had not seen this recipe in any of Matthew Kenney’s books yet, so I was excited to try making something new. I will update this post with a link if I can find one.

raw vegan banana bread raw vegan banana bread raw vegan banana bread raw vegan banana bread raw vegan banana bread

Following this exercise, it was time to prepare the sauce for my pizza assignment today! We were given a few different sauces to choose from, and I selected an arrabiata style sauce which called for a red wine. I used a locally grown and made red from Lakeridge Winery. They use the native muscadine grapes that grow here in Florida. I have toured their facility and verified that their wines are vegan and that they use no egg to filter their wines, which means I don’t have to worry about their product causing my asthma to flare up.

There is a great marinara sauce recipe in Matthew Kenney’s book, Everyday Raw on page 92. It is not the same as the arrabiata, but still makes a great pizza. You can also just add some red wine in place of the liquid called for in the recipe. 😉

raw vegan arrabiata sauce IMG_1444

 Of course, after the sauce was made, it was only a matter of assembly to have pizza for dinner! I experimented with some different topping combinations and my favorite ended up being a mix of miniature heirloom tomatoes, miniature sweet peppers, castelvetrano olives, dried basil, fresh ground pepper, and a little drizzle of the leftover cashew sour cream from the tostadas yesterday. I experimented with some marinaded mushrooms and some various cut herbs, but I guess you can’t beat the classics.

In the last photo, you can see another experiment I tried – a pizza pita pocket! The method I used worked great, but this recipe didn’t provide the right amount of flexibility that I was ultimately looking for. I guess that means I’ll have to experiment and come up with one of my own. 😉

The pizza crust recipe is in Matthew Kenney’s book, Everyday Raw on page 92.

raw vegan pizza raw vegan pizza raw vegan pizza raw vegan pizza raw vegan pizza