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Here are some health and nutrition resources on the topics of whole foods plant based diets and healing the body naturally from disease. Many of these resources have helped me in my personal quest as I have completely reversed autoimmune thyroid disease, asthma, seasonal and environmental allergies, and improved the severity of my Tourette’s Syndrome. I will continue adding to this page as I find more resource material that may be useful to others who would like to live in optimal health.

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I’m not a huge product-pusher, especially when it comes to “supplementing” because I believe that we should strive to keep our bodies in balance with whole foods whenever possible. That being said, as an active person, I do sometimes get hurt and need a little help to heal my body faster and without scarring. While I try to stay as healthy as I can with a good diet, sometimes I do have a tendency to run myself down and my immune system will need a little help too because of my history with weak adrenals. I prefer to rely on natural herbal based remedies for health and healing, and there are a few supplements that I take for known deficiencies or health problems, which have either been confirmed through blood testing or genetic testing.

Tissue Repair

I really like the “Dr. Christoper’s Tissue and Bone Repair” products. They were recommended to me by a friend when I had a bout of tendonitis, but I found that the ointment works fantastically for bruising, including dar under eye circles, and also for workout-related aches and pains. 

    • Dr Christopher’s Formula Complete Tissue and Bone Ointment, 4 Ounce
      • I originally purchased this to help with tendonitis, but I tried it out on some bruising and found that it speeds up healing of bruises dramatically. Mine disappeared completely 2-3x faster than usual. It also works great for under-eye circles (technically bruising) and healing skin irritations that have a tendency to dry out. Works very well with the supplement, which is the next item down.
    • Dr. Christophers Formulas Complete Tissue and Bone 100 X 2
      • After some really bad allergic reactions on my skin, I had some very large and enflamed red patches that were slow to heal. Adding this to my regimen allowed them to heal noticeably faster. Within 24 hours of starting this supplement, the redness faded to pink, the damaged skin was noticeably softer, the inflammation was gone, and more than half of the red marks from the allergic reaction had faded. Additionally, some aches and pains I was having from my workout were quick to disappear AND many of these herbs double as healers for respiratory conditions, so if you are trying to heal while sick from seasonal illness, it packs a double punch. 
    • DuoDERM Extra Thin CGF Dressing – 4 x 4″ – Box of 10
      • When I got road rash on my legs after a fall outside, the DuoDERM bandages were a life saver. I saw that they were preferred by the cycling community. After my wounds were cleaned, there was a fresh new layer of healthy pink skin without scarring within a week. I am very active at the gym every day, and despite sweating and showering, they stayed on well without peeling off. The really cool thing about the extra thin pads is that they are semi-transparent, so you can watch your wound healing right before your eyes. They keep the wound enclosed in an environment that promotes healing by keeping it moist and keeping contaminants out. 
    • Brave Soldier Antiseptic Healing Ointment 1 oz
      • I used this on the road rash in the first few days while I was waiting for the DuoDERM to arrive. It is also a favorite product in the cycling community. It has a lot of herbs that help to promote healing with a splash of lidocaine. Before you turn your nose up at that, if you’ve never had road rash, the top layer of skin is scraped off, leaving nerve endings exposed. It hurts and it burns a lot. A little something extra to numb the pain is very helpful. I like this product because it works and uses a lot of natural ingredients to promote healing.

Immune System

  • NOW Foods Goldenseal Root 500mg, 100 Capsules
    • Goldenseal is a safe natural antibiotic herb to use for sinus and respiratory infections. It acts directly on the bacteria in the mucous membranes. However, it is also an endangered herb, and like any other antibiotic, the body will adapt, so please use sparingly and only when needed. 

MTHFR Mutation

Maybe you’ve read about this online or heard some buzz about it. There are actually multiple genes that affect your methylation pathways and the genes that have the mutations can affect your health differently, as well as whether you have 1 or 2 copies for each gene. For the specific mutations that I have, neurotransmitters and moods can be affected, but I have actually been diagnosed with Tourette’s Syndrome and anxiety. I have found that a good sublingual B6 supplement will stop my tics and taking B6 on a regular basis goes a long way for prevention, but it takes a while to build up in the body and take affect.

I also read a compelling article about anxiety and the MTHFR mutations. For some people, the enzymatic process to break down folic acid and B12 does not work properly, so it is recommended to bypass the broken process and just supplement with the forms of the vitamins that would have resulted if it was working – basically methyl B12 and folinic acid. I started taking them and I have been anxiety free since they kicked in, so there seems to be something to it for me. 


I’d like to preface this section by saying that I do not buy into the myth that protein or amino acid supplements are needed in place of real food after a good workout. I have experimented with and without protein powder and I put lean mass on and build strength just fine either way. I usually have a big green smoothie after a workout. However, while I was experimenting, I found that one of them, Vega Protein with Greens, improved my sleep quality and my ability to wake up early. I tried other powders with similar amino acid profiles and the effect was not the same. I can only assume that because of my unique health issues, there is a micronutrient in this one that helps my adrenal glands, so I keep using it. 



This page contains affiliate links, which means I receive compensation if you make a purchase using these links. When you purchase a product through these links, you directly help to support my efforts to keep adding health and fitness related content and healthy recipes to this blog. Thank you for your support!

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