Herbal Wheatgrass Juice for Beginners

Green juice blend with wheat grass

Wheatgrass juice is a very potent medicinal food. It reduces blood pressure, cleanses the blood, alkalizes the body, stimulates the thyroid, detoxes the liver, helps to protect us from carcinogens and environmental pollutants, fights cancerous tumors, and slows the aging process. (Source: http://hippocratesinst.org/wheatgrass/benefits-of-wheatgrass).

As it is highly detoxifying, if you have never tried it before, you will have to start with a very small amount in a single sitting – no more than 1/2 a shot. If you are not used to it and you take too much, it will probably nauseate you, especially if you aren’t already following a healthful lifestyle. If you are a an old pro at wheatgrass juice guzzling, then you know how much you can add to this juice blend. 😉

True story: the few shot glasses I actually own are used most frequently for measuring my wheatgrass juice and sprouting avocado pits.

I am highly sensitive to gluten. I had read about the wondrous benefits of wheatgrass juice, but was afraid to try it until I was actually able to find some credible sources of information that could confirm or deny the existence of gluten in wheatgrass. The summary of what I learned is that the grass itself contains no gluten, as the gluten is in the seed. Wheatgrass is safe, provided that (1) it has been harvested in a manner that leaves no part of the seed attached to the grass; (2) it has not sprouted any new seeds; (3) there has been no cross-contamination in a facility which also processes the gluten-containing seeds. 

My local Whole Foods Market carries wheatgrass that is locally grown here in Florida, and I have not had any issues with it thus far. If you purchase it, look for one cut end at the base, and one pointed end, indicating that is the top of the grass blade. If there are two cut ends, it is impossible to know how tall the grass was and if it started to sprout new seeds.

It is actually very cheap and easy to sprout yourself at home (and easier to remove the cross-contamination problem)… unless you have a cat. Cats love wheatgrass and when I purchase it, my cat, Georgia, frequently gets some as a treat too. If I try to sprout anything inside, she will find it and eat it. 🙂

Anyway, if you would like to read more about wheatgrass and gluten, here are some links you can look at. Ultimately, if you are unsure, you should either not try it or try it in a very small amount to see how you react. 

  • http://hippocratesinst.org/nutrition/wheatgrass-is (#48)
  • http://celiacdisease.about.com/od/everydaymedicalissues/f/Are-Wheat-Grass-And-Barley-Grass-Gluten-Free.htm
  • http://livewell.jillianmichaels.com/can-wheat-grass-gluten-sensitive-4931.html
Cucumber and Herb Wheatgrass Juice
An herbal green juice blend that helps wheatgrass juice go down a lot easier.
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Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
Prep Time
10 min
Total Time
10 min
  1. 2 cucumbers
  2. 1/4 lemon (no peel) - lime also works well
  3. large handful fresh mint
  4. large handful fresh basil
  5. 1/2 - 1&1/2 shots wheatgrass juice
  1. Run cucumbers, lemon, mint, and basil through a juicer.
  2. If you have a juicer that is capable of extracting juice from wheatgrass, juice enough to acquire the desired amount. If this is your first time trying it, take only 1/2 a shot. If you are an old pro, try 1 whole shot or even 1.5 shots.
  3. Mix wheatgrass juice into green juice blend.
  1. Wheatgrass juice is highly detoxifying. If you drink too much at one time or more than your body is used to, it will nauseate you. It is very important to only take 1/2 a shot if you have never tried it before.
  2. Wheatgrass has a very earthy and slightly sweet flavor, but it is very strong. The cucumber juice helps to mellow it out a lot. I frequently enjoy wheatgrass, but I still can't drink it straight. I need the cucumber juice.
  3. If you buy wheatgrass, juice it fresh. If you let it sit in your refrigerator for too long, it will start to yellow and dry up, and you will not be able to extract as much juice from it.
  4. In order to extract juice from wheatgrass, you will need a single auger or slow juicer that is capable of performing the task (I have an Omega). There are also special wheatgrass juicers. A centrifugal juicer will not work for this.
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